Welcome to the homepage of the Mortic Game Engine. This engine is being developed alongside the Expanses of Naryan, which you can learn more about by clicking "Main" on the left side of your screen, underneath "Sitemap". This game engine is being written as a thin layer between multiple libraries that provide things such as graphics and sound. This allows these libraries to interoperate well, but it doesn't prevent the programmer from accessing the more advanced features of these libraries.

For a look at the current version of Sortua, and also a good look at the features of the engine, head on over to the Sortua section of this site. Just click on "Sortua" in the section on the right titled "Sitemap".

New Roadmap Section - January 1, 2007

Now you can see where we've been, where we are, and where we're heading. Useful for those of you inquiring what "on to Isildur" meant. Also, if you haven't yet, head on over to the Sortua section for a brand-spanking new tech demo.

Happy New Year with Mortic 0.3! - December 31, 2006

Quite a bit ahead of schedule! Consider this a pre-gift to Sortua tomorrow. New in this version includes an overhauled Virtual File System, easier Python integration, and a much better configuration system! Also, check out the new tutorials in the Mortic documentation ASAP! Happy New Year from Everyone Here!

Merry Christmas with Mortic 0.2! - December 25, 2006

The second release of Mortic is out, but officially I would call it the first! Changes since last time include a working linux version, as well as a library reference. Also, beginning now, we have a release schedule! Check it out over in the progress section. Expect a Sortua release around New Years! About time something started happening, neh?

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